Sell your Land

At Michael Anthony Homes, we understand it is a difficult decision to sell your land and we appreciate your quest to find the right buyer. As a respected homebuilder, we are sensitive to the land owners desire to preserve unique characteristics of the property that have historical or sentimental significance. We also realize the financial aspect of the transaction and believe we are fair and responsible.

It is Michael Anthony Homes' objective to create communities in which residents would be proud to call home. We have a reputation for not only building quality homes, but for working hand-in-hand with local municipalities and the existing communities for a positive end result.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the development potential of your property. If you are interested in an initial conversation, please review the criteria listed below and take a moment to complete the questionnaire.

Thank you for your interest in Michael Anthony Homes.

  • Land should be located in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, or Lehigh Counties in Pennsylvania and throughout the state of Delaware
  • Land that is zoned for residential use or appropriate for re-zoning to residential use
  • Land in any stage of the approval process
  • The availability of public water and sewer preferred, but not required

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